Interviews are being held on SKYPE

We are now hiring Nurses and Healthcare Assistants for Positions in Ireland 


The information below is for an employer interviewing for HCAs and Nurses in February and March 

Your salary will be €11 per hour as an HCA or €1,800 to €2,000 net per Month and €18 per hour as a Nurse. 



      Knockrobin Nursing Home

What is the Hourly rate for an HCA


What is the Hourly rate for a nurse


What are the weekly contracted hours


Are premiums paid for nights and weekends and what are they


Are breaks paid


What is the annual leave

4 Weeks

Do you pay Bi-Weekly or Monthly


On what date to you pay

Every second Friday

Are meals provided at work


What is the shift rotation

You will work 7 shifts every 14 days, from 8am – 8pm or 8pm – 8am, Every 4 weeks you will work 3 weeks on days and 1 week on nights

Are there any concerns regarding recruiting male or female candidate


Do you have a minimum requirement relating to experience?

Must have reagent training


What is the uniform

Tunic, with black or navy pants and black comfortable closed toe shoes, the tunic is provided

Is the uniform provided, is it free or is there a cost

Tunic is provided

Will you pay for the candidate’s relocation flight to start work

Relocation flights will be paid for up to a value of


Will you be able to provide a meet and greet at the airport

Meet and greet will be provided where and when it is possible.

Will you provide assistance with getting a PPS Number and bank account

Full assistance will be provided in obtaining your tour tax number and opening your bank account

What training opportunities are available

A wide range of e-learning and face to face training will be available and is mandatory.

Will you provide temporary accommodation for the candidate when they first arrive

Temporary accommodation will be provided on arrival

If yes, what will this look like

Shared accommodation, however, you will have your own private room.

Will you cover the cost of the temporary accommodation

Cash loans can be provided where this is needed

How long will the temporary accommodation be provided for?

3 months.

Will the candidate be able to stay in the temporary accommodation at their own cost after this date

This will depend on the situation with the accommodation.

Will you offer a salary advance for a candidate to pay first month’s rent and deposit

Can be arranged

Will you assist candidates in sourcing permanent accommodation

Assistance can be provided


What is the standard induction period

1 month

What does the first week look like

Meeting provider, colleagues and residents. Induction training will commence, and consideration will be given to having the housing and other issues sorted out.

What stage of the process will the candidate sign a contract

The day you commence work.

Please add any information that you believe will attract candidates to your organisation

Opportunities to grow

Support to achieve certain academic qualifications. Wide range of training

Empathetic and supportive atmosphere


These interviews will fill quickly so don’t hesitate and apply now


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