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With 27 Nursing Homes located all over Ireland, Mowlam Healthcare are looking to hire both Healthcare Assistants and Nurses.

Salary Information

Your salary will be €12.00 per hour as an HCA and €18.00 per hour as a Nurse.

Your take-home pay after-tax with no overtime based on 42 hours per week is below

Healthcare Assistant €1,900 Net per month
Nurse €2,900 Net
 per month

These interviews will fill quickly so don’t hesitate and apply now

With 27 Nursing Homes located all over Ireland, the chances are they will have what you are looking for. If you want to live in one of Ireland cities,

They have that

If a small town, which has everything you need in the town, but cheaper to live in than one of the cities.

They have that too

If living by the ocean with sea views is more your thing, well

They have that as well

Finally, if the peace and tranquility of living in a more rural area is what you dream of

That is available as well

Mowlam OFFER


Company website

What is the Hourly rate for a HCA

€11.50 – €13 dependent on experience

What is the Hourly rate for a nurse

€19 -€ 22 dependent on experience

What are the weekly contracted hours


Are premiums paid for nights and weekends and what are they

there is a Sunday premium

Are breaks paid


What is the annual leave

20 days per year of 8% of hours worked

Do you pay Bi-Weekly or Monthly

Bi Weekly

On what date to you pay

Friday of each fortnight

Are meals provided at work


What is the shift rotation

3 days in one week 4 days in another week
12 hour shifts

What is the uniform

Navy trousers and closed toe black shoes with Company Tunic – Supply two company tops

Is the uniform provided, is it free or is there a cost

own trousers and shoes – Supply two company tops at a cost of 25€

Will you pay for the candidates relocation flight to start work


Will you provide assistance with getting a PPS Number and bank account


What training opportunities are available

All regulatory training is provided free

Will you provide temporary accommodation for the candidate when they first arrive

No =. we will provide a payment towards accommodation, maximum payment €1,000 paid directly to the landlord

Will you offer a salary advance for a candidate to pay first month’s rent and deposit


What is the standard induction period

1 week

What does the first week look like

inducting with HCA
Regulatory induction training on first day

What stage of the process will the candidate sign a contract

once offer is made – immediate

Please add any information that you believe will attract candidates to your organisation

Good career progression




These interviews will fill quickly so don’t hesitate and apply now


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