Care assistant jobs are available in the UK and Ireland. You will help people and try to make a positive difference in the lives of their patients. There is presently a high demand for this profession in both Ireland and the UK.

The job involves helping people who have problems performing daily activities. Even though the position may involve working with children, or people with physical or learning disabilities, most of the positions on offer at the moment are with the elderly.

If you have a friendly and caring approach, are patient and have a good sense of humour and can relate to people, a career as a care assistant could be for you

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Care Assistant Jobs, What Will I Be Doing?

As a care assistant, you will be working to help vulnerable individuals with their daily tasks.

Here is a list of typical care assistant duties:
Learning more about your patients, their needs, and interests.
Assisting people with daily personal care.
Helping people with things such as feeding.
Working with other professionals in the field to develop individual care plans.
Assisting nurses.
Assisting with leisure activities.

Is There Anything Else I Need To Know?

The role of care assistant is never dull as your daily routine varies according to the needs of the individuals you are taking care of. You also need to be observant because you will be expected to spot and report any new medical problems to a doctor or the nurses.

The working hours also depend on the job and you will normally be expected to work 12 hour shifts and between 36 and 48 hours a week.

Care Assistant Salary

As you may expect, the wages vary according to where you work. In many cases, care assistants are paid on an hourly basis and can expect to earn €9.50-€12 an hour in a Nursing Home in Ireland and £7.25-£8.00 an hour in the UK.

What Are The Good Points?

There aren’t many jobs that make such a genuine difference to the lives of so many people on a daily basis. If you are a ‘people person’, being a care assistant is probably one of the most rewarding jobs and the special feeling you get from helping someone in need is something that can’t be replicated in most other roles.

It is also a job with real career options and if you are ambitious, you don’t have to remain on the bottom rung of the ladder for very long. There are also a host of training and development opportunities available for care assistants so even if you didn’t perform that well in school, you still have a chance of forging a bright future. The most important things when it comes to being a successful care assistant are passion for helping others and work experience.

care assistent good points

care assistent good points

What Are The Bad Points?

The hours are irregular and this can play havoc with your social life. For example, you may end up working weekends one week, evenings the next and the day shift the week after that. It is also likely you will be on call all hours to ensure there is adequate support. It can be an emotionally draining job as you are forced to work with the most vulnerable elements of society and it can be heartbreaking to see people in such distress.

Finally, the initial salary is nothing to write home about and you will need to be promoted in order to earn real money.

What Education Do I Need?

It is even possible to draw on any personal experience you have caring for a loved one. This will provide you with valuable experience which should increase your chances of being accepted at entry level.

There are also a number of training qualifications you can attain including the FETAC Level 5 Award in Healthcare Support which features a number of modules designed to improve your skills as a care assistant. In this particular course you will gain the communication skills necessary to improve your personal and professional development.

Is It The Right Job For Me?

If you decide to become a care assistant, you could be working in a day centre, a nursing home, children’s centre, the homes of clients or a hospital. If you like variety in your day-to-day life and enjoy working with people, a care assistant may well be your ideal job.

You need to have patience and be trustworthy because your residents are depending on you.

It is important to be mentally prepared because it is a job that is emotionally challenging but as high quality care assistants are in demand, finding a role is not that difficult if you have the right skills.