Selecition of nurses

Are you a nurse and are you looking for a change in your professional life? Highfield is looking for people like you. Interviews with the employer on Sept 12th in Rome!

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About Highfield HealthCare

Highfield presently employ people from over 30 different countries, they are family run and privately owned with over 300 beds. They are a leading provider of acute and specialist mental health services. Perhaps, traditionally better known for its expertise in the treatment and care of older persons, the organisation has remained responsive to changing needs within Ireland. Today, Highfield Healthcare is highly regarded for the provision of acute mental health treatment and care for adults and older persons with acute, serious and enduring mental health disorders and complex mental health issues associated with neuropsychiatric disorders and dementia.

Highfield Offer

Salaries range from €29,346 to €45,701 per annum with increased payments for Night, Weekend and holiday shifts.

Relocation Flight to Ireland paid for up to the value €400

Full meet and greet on your arrival

Free housing provided for first 2 months*

Full assistance given in with Personal Public Service Number, tax, bank account etc.

Fantastic training and professional development programmes in place

4.5 weeks annual leave in year 1 with an additional day in year 2 and year 3

First tunics provided free of charge (nurse is a light blue tunic and black or navy trousers with flat black laced shoes)


Induction Day 1

On the first day of Induction, staff will be required to be in from 9:30am – 5pm and on this day, staff will :

Be met by the Training Administrator to officially start Induction

Tour around the facility including staff Changing Rooms and Canteen

Be introduced to the Line Managers and the unit they will be allocated for the 2 weeks Induction period

Be assisted and introduced to Payroll to which staff will have an opportunity to discuss any concerns

Receive your Induction Booklet and uniform

Be asked to start reading policies and procedures

Be given their roster for the 2 weeks

Induction Day 2 - 14

New Staff will be asked to work different shifts (day and night) on a supernumerary capacity and will be working alongside a more senior or qualified staff to enable them to observe acceptable practices in the Unit.

During this period, Staff will be offered support from their Line Managers and will be given an opportunity to go through the Induction Booklet and highlight needs of individual staff taking into account their skill assessments and their suitability to a particular unit.

Staff are going to be Inducted in one unit but may possibly be moved to work in another unit following assessment of their skills and suitability to a unit.


OIn order to register with the NMBI you will be required to achieve a certain grade in either the IELTS or OET. If you are offered a position with Highfield you attendance at a preparation course is compulsory. You will be expected to sit this exam within 4 months of your start date and will have to commit to this before your offer will be made official.


Your English language is at the minimum level B2.

You have a bachelor's or master's degree in nursing.

Registered or prepared to register with the NMBI

Prepared to start an OET or IELTS preparation course