The information below details the NMC Registration (UK Nurses Board) process for nurses trained in the EU. It’s a step-by-step and page-by-page tutorial. There is also a video format that will appear soon.

We hope you find this information helpful, but if you have any questions, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible. Our colleagues can explain to you in English, Romanian, Polish, Spanish, Croatian or Hungarian the entire NMC Registration procedure, so we encourage you to contact us and tell us in which language you want to be explained the NMC process.


If you send us a copy of your updated Nurse CV, highlighting your nursing qualifications and making sure that you have included the exact dates when you started and completed your nursing studies, the name of the qualification you received and also the experience gained with the most accurate data, we will be able to contact you to inform you if you meet the European directives and what steps you will need taken to register with the NMC.


The second step of the NMC Registration process is to order the registration form through the NMC websit, and this can be done online at: Once you have filled out the online application, they will send you the full application form by mail within 15 working days, which will need to be completed and sent back with the requested required documents in the envelope provided.


Read carefully the form to make sure you fully understand what is needed on each page. You will also receive a detailed brochure with the application form that you should read carefully. Please reserve a moment to watch our video with the application instructions that go through the entire page by page. You can also call if you have any questions.


We suggest that you make a photocopy of this form and complete the copy first. You can send us an email with a scanned copy of the completed form, and if you wish, we can check it for you.

Once you have verified and confirmed that there are no errors or missing information, you will be able to complete the original form provided by the NMC. Besides it, you will need to get:

– a legalized copy of the page containing your photo of your passport or national identity card

– a certified copy of the marriage certificate, possibly also the divorce decree, if applicable – if necessary, and certified translation * in English of the document (for old documents)

– a certified copy of the birth certificate – if necessary, and a certified translation * in English of the certificate (for old documents)

– a certified copy of a criminal record certificate issued in Romania and a certified translation * in its English language. The certificate must not be older than 3 months on the date of receipt by the NMC. Also, the original form is not accepted. It is absolutely necessary to send the certified copy.

– a certified copy of the general nursing diploma and a certified * translation in English. If you have completed several forms of education for general nurse training you will have to furnish legalized copies and translations * of each diploma. If you obtained a certificate of professional re-qualification, you will also need to attach it to the diploma.

Any of these non-English documents will need to be accompanied by a translation made with an authorized translator.

– a certified copy and a certified translation * in English of the curriculum issued by the graduate school, which must contain all the theory and practice hours of each subject (if the certificate of practice is issued separately, attached And this to the curriculum). Only the curriculum is sent to the NMC

– no matriculation sheet, diploma supplement or any other certificate

– Proof of payment of registration fee of £ 110, if you pay by O.P. (If you make an online payment then it will automatically be recorded)

– The two statements in the form: Supporting Declaration of Good Character and Supporting Declaration of Good Health will be completed by the OAMGAMMR-Registered Family and / or Family Practitioner (General Practitioner). If you are in the situation where neither the Nurses’ Order nor the family doctor can complete your Supporting Declaration of Good Health, then Section 5: Health Care Practitioner can be completed by a doctor of medicine that will carry out a medical examination and attest that you are capable of practicing.

Any of these non-English documents will need to be accompanied by a translation with an authorized translator.

– A certificate stating that you are complying with the European directives on the recognition of professional training within the EU with a certified copy and * certified translation. This certificate is normally issued by the country of origin authority holding the registration, in the case of Romania being issued by OAMGMAMR.

Any of these non-English documents will need to be accompanied by a translation with an authorized translator.

– A reference or recommendation in English from the most recent employer

Any of these non-English documents will need to be accompanied by a translation with an authorized translator


All these documents, together with the completed form, will have to be sent to the NMC in the envelope provided or in another larger A4 / B4 / C4 envelope.

Do not send original documents to the NMC (diplomas, curricula, certificates, identification documents) because the NMC will not be able to return them! Only translations made by authorized translators and legalized copies!

After analyzing the set of documents, and NMC believes the application is okay, you will receive a response to this effect, which will include the requirement to complete the IELTS module with the minimum average score of 7 within 6 months of the release of the answer.

This registration process may be slightly different depending on the experience, the training route and the date you started your studies. We will be able to talk to each candidate individually, to advise you properly on which registration path you are fitting and to guide you along the entire form.