Life in UK

You have arrived in the UK. Now what next?

Once you have arrived in the UK, the first thing you have to do is apply for a National Insurance Number (NINo). This number is like an ID card or a CNP. It is unique and remains the same for life. By this number, the state ensures that you pay taxes correctly, but also taxes and social security contributions. It is also used as a reference when transmitting information to the British Department for Work and Pensions and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). It is not absolutely necessary to have this number before starting work, but many employers insist that future employees hold this NINo before offering them a job.

Life as a nurse in uk

How do you get a job in the medical field?

British employers organize interviews in other countries on a regular basis. We at PCQ Healthcare schedule interviews with employers about once a month. Discussions are normally held in the country, and offers may depend on the registration stage in the NMC. If you think about working with an agency, like us, for example, we advise you and help you identify the employer that suits you best.

Nurse acommodation in the uk


In many cases, the new employer will provide temporary accommodation and, in some cases, cover even part of the costs for a defined period. Ideal is if you have friends or relatives with whom you could live together, because rents, especially in London, are quite high, with prices of £ 100 per week for a bed in a room and up to 200 pounds per week for a one-bedroom apartment depending on where you want to live
It is necessary to have enough money to deal with the first few months. is a very useful site if you want to check the prices in the area where you intend to live. To rent a home you will need recommendations from previous owners if you have already lived in the UK. You will also have to pay the first month in advance and pay a deposit equal to one month’s rent as a guarantee.

The registration process

0845 600 0643 (lines are open 08:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday). During this process, you will be required to confirm your identity through a series of documents. This set of documents you need to have with you to prove your identity (in the original) contains the following: valid passport; ID card; Birth or adoption certificate; Marriage certificate (if applicable); Divorce decision (if applicable) and driving license (if applicable).

Registration proces in NMC uk

Opening a bank account in the UK

The bank account is extremely important in the UK. All employers make payments only by bank transfer. The potential employer requires this, and the recruitment agency should inform you about this. For example, to open a bank account at Lloyds TSB, you can open a classic free account with a Visa card, which is accepted almost everywhere. Considering that you are a new client of the bank over 18 years old, but also of the EU space, you can apply for this account directly on the Internet. You will only need some information, such as the address, proof of income and postal codes of your home over the last 3 years.
HSBC Bank has a special account type designed for those coming to the UK to work. It’s called the HSBC Passport Bank Account. You have a monthly fee of £ 8, including a Visa card attached and some extras. There is no need for permanent residence in the United Kingdom. HSBC Passport has a fixed initial period of 12 months, and can then be renewed each month. It also offers basic facilities such as a 24-hour phone line, you can easily transfer money, but more interesting is that you also benefit from relocation support in eight languages, including Romanian. You can apply for an HSBC Passport over the Internet before leaving. You will need a copy of your ID card, possibly proof of your address in the UK.

Mobile Phones

You will need a UK phone number. You can buy a prepay card or sign a subscription contract. Free phone prices can be quite expensive. You can sign up for a UK O2 UK or Vodafone subscription contract for £ 15 per month with minutes included on all networks.

Note that you will need proof of address and an account statement to sign a subscription contract. If you want to call home in Romania, you can use Skype.