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You might be surprised to know that salaries are slightly higher in Ireland than in the UK for Healthcare Assistants and Nurses.

Nurse Salary £15.00 to £18.00 per HourNurse Salary €17.00 to €20.00 per Hour
Healthcare Assistant £8 to £10 per hourHealthcare Assistant €10 to €12 per hour

On arriving in the UK or Ireland for your first position, you need to be looking at the lower end of the scales.

In both countries, there is a difference in pay between the Public Sector and the Private Sector and between a position in a Hospital and a Nursing Home.

You might be surprised to know that the highest paying positions usually are in the Elderly Care Sector, working in a Nursing Home.

The public sector works on a PayScale system, meaning your payment will be based on your years of experience. Private Hospitals follow this pay scale system, too but will be a little more flexible than the Public Sector.

Nursing Homes typically have a fixed pay. They pay all their nurses and carers, and this works out to be about .8 on the scale, meaning to match the salary you would get in a Nursing Home, you would need to have at least 8 Years’ experience working as a Nurse.

The Public Sector and Private Hospitals pay better premiums for things like night and weekends, where the Elderly Care Sector usually has no Premium for Nights and Saturdays. Some have a small premium for Sundays, and by law, all pay double for working on a Holiday.

The below example is for a Nurse with two years’ experience starting a new position in Ireland.

 Hourly RateHoursGross Mth Pay
Nursing Home€1842€39,312

Meaning you would make an extra €6,863 per annum working in Elderly Care.

Taxes and take-home pay

The tax systems in both countries are very different. I will not try and explain the systems here but will show you a sample of what your take-home pay would be in both countries based and the same job for the same salary.

Irish Tax System Explained

For the position as an HCA, I will use the salary of €10 in Ireland and £10 in the UK, and for a nurse, I will use €17 in Ireland and £17 in the UK and working 42 hours a week in all cases so we will be comparing like with like. I will also be basing the calculation on a single female who is 30 years old with no children.

Take home pay Nurse / Mth£2,399€2,513
Take home pay HCA / Mth£1,532€1,636

The above table is for comparison purposes only. It does not reflect your actual salary, as this will be different based on actual hourly salary, hours of work, overtime, and many other variables. We will be able to speak with you to discuss your situation.

Years of Experience01234567891011
Staff Nurse30,60932,44933,38834,63036,19637,76039,31740,66342,01343,35644,70146,021

Cost of living comparison

The cost of living in both countries are very similar and varies within the countries based on location. For example, rents will be considerably lower in a rural area than in the capital cities.

Depending on your personal preferences, this is something we will deal with on a case-by-case basis.

In Ireland, there is no Council Tax, no water charges, and the taxes are considerably lower. However generally speaking rents are 20% higher in Ireland, with all other costs remaining the same between both courtiers.

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Job type

The job description is identical in both countries, and the present opportunity types are explained in more detail below.

  • Registered Nurse
  • For nurses who are registered with either the NMBI in Ireland or the NMC in the UK would have a very good opportunity to start working as a Nurse in either country. Present opportunities are nursing positions in the area of elderly care or in a Hospital.
  • Pre-Registered Nurse
  • For nurses who are not registered with either the NMBI in Ireland or the NMC in the UK but are registered with the nursing board in their country of training would have the opportunity to start working as a Pre-Registered Nurse in Ireland. Unfortunately, this will not be available to you in the UK as you will not qualify for a work permit. The difference between this position and that of a Healthcare Assistant is that you will be offered a position as a Nurse with the same employer you have been working with as an HCA once you complete the registration process. Present opportunities include positions in the area of elderly care or in a Hospital. However, there are not that many opportunities in the Hospitals.
  • Healthcare Assistant
  • The UK is presently closed to the recruitment of Healthcare Assistants as they do not qualify for work permits. In Ireland, the position of a Healthcare Assistant is a qualified position, so in order to be a suitable candidate for this role, you will need to have a Healthcare Assistant Qualification of an equivalent qualification. You will find that almost all Healthcare Qualifications will meet the requirements for the position of a Healthcare Assistant.

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