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Senior Support Worker

Key Responsibilities

  • • To work in line with all organisational policies/procedures, values and beliefs and support the staff team to do the same.
  • • To provide direction and be a role model to facilitate best practice and best outcome for patients group.
  • • Understand and promote the rights of patients at all times.
  • • Understand and promote dignity and respect in all aspects of your daily work.
  • • Understand and promote, respecting confidentiality of patients unless doing so would be a risk to them, others, or the organisation.
  • • Understand and respect the confidentiality of your colleagues and the wider organisation.
  • • Understand and inform those you supervise/support that communicating the organisations business to any external party, including ex-employees, without express permission, may result in a disciplinary process.
  • • Direct others to share resource, including cross site working and reduce costs across the service.
  • • To use effective professional written and verbal communication at all times ensuring the correct information is delivered to the correct person at the correct time.
  • • To understand and adhere to all security requirements (environmental and relational) for the service including attending training as required.

Care Delivery

  • • As directed by MDT ensure all staff work within the prescribed model of care, using PBS recovery support plans, safety support plans and any other prescribed plans, to reduce restrictive interventions and facilitate consistency of care and building of therapeutic relationship.
  • • To work professionally and in partnership with all disciplines, promoting consistent working, reduction of restrictive practices and positive outcomes for patients.
  • • Constantly raise awareness of and ensure all patients are safeguarded from abuse and support staff to raise any concerns to the appropriate person.
  • • Promote and participate in unit based and external, therapeutic and meaningful activities, encouraging patient engagement
  • • To direct all staff to and help support patients to maintain personal hygiene, clean clothing, clean personal space and general regard for the environment they live in
  • • Undertake and promote a culture where staff care for the environment ensuring all furniture, equipment, vehicles and other resources are treated with care and local procedures are followed at all times. Any concerns are reported as soon as possible to the senior person on duty and if not resolved escalated further.

Quality and Safeguarding

  • • As directed by the senior team work to best practice guidelines and Social Care Wales Code of Conduct.
  • • Maintain your training – be up to date with your mandatory and service specific and ensure the staff you support are up to date with their training.
  • • Undertaking all required audits and providing an action plan to identify shortfalls.
  • • Identifying and reporting health and safety issue/concerns or any other risks to the patients, colleagues and the business.
  • • Ensure all staff understand and follow the organisations confidentiality policy and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)
  • • Ensure all staff understand and adhere to the organisations media and telephone policy.
  • • Be aware and educate others to participate professionally in all external and internal Inspections/Audits. Understand that your contribution reflects on the standard of your work and a positive outcome for the service.


• To work under the direction of the Unit Manager/ Nurse-in-Charge to:

  • ≥ welcome new staff and undertake mentoring of staff to the required standard.
  • ≥ allocate team duties and ensure these are carried out to the required standard.
  • ≥ to actively and positively and support the PDR process in line with organisational policies and procedures.
  • ≥ ensure the staff you support are full compliance mandatory and service specific training, checking and discussing at 1:1 meetings
  • ≥ be responsive to colleagues should issues arise and communicate these, where necessary with the Unit Manager/ Nurse-in Charge.

The above list of duties is not exhaustive and may be modified from time to time in accordance with the development of the service and the employee

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